Empowering Technologies

Delivering innovative solutions for enterprise, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, power & water utilities, and more.

Data Communication Solutions

We have over 30 years of expertise in providing networking solutions that enable communication and collaboration among systems, processes, and people with our wide range product portfolio in wired and wireless communication. We provide industrial-grade Ethernet switches, routers, media converters, and industrial wireless communication etc.

Ethernet Switches - Secure Routers - Wireless AP/Bridge/Client - Cellular Gateways/Routers - Ethernet Media Converters - Network Management Software - Secure Remote Access - Network Security Appliance

Cyber Security

Automation and Instruments Solutions

We assure to deliver the best solutions in automation and instruments to our customers among systems, processes, and people with our wide range product portfolio and the support of our vendors who have more than 40 years in the industrial sector.

Serial Connectivity - Protocol Gateways - Controllers & Remote IOs - Sensors - Signal Transmitters - Signal Barriers & Isolators - HMI & Rugged Computers


IoT & iIoT Solutions

The Internet of Things now is the most promising application that enables cities, utilities, enterprises, SMB companies, and even individuals to monitor and control their processes, devices, and appliances to ensure the best performance and provide protective maintenance if needed using modern technologies and AI that connect physical devices, vehicles, appliances, and other physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and network connectivity.

IoT Sensors - IoT Gateways - Industrial Sensors - IoT Platforms - Smart City

Light Current Solutions

We deliver the best and the most cost-effective light current solutions including a range of IP surveillance, fire alarm, intrusion, sound, and IP telephony systems that are designed to serve a broad spectrum of industries. We deliver the reliable, high-quality performance and security standards needed for applications that present demanding and unpredictable environments.

CCTV - IP Surveillance - IP Telephony - Fire Alarm - MATV System - Sound System - Access Control & Time Attendance - Parking System - Home Automation - Building Management System "BMS'

Passive Network Infrastructure

We provide a wide range of structured cabling solutions in fiber and copper connectivity that serve different applications like data centers, telecoms, surveillance, FTTH, and more.

Fiber Optic Cables - Twisted Pair Copper Cables " CAT5e - CAT6 - CAT6A - CAT7 - CAT8" - Connectors - Splitters - ODFs - Enclusers - Keystones - Faceplates - Mount Boxes - 19' Patch Panels - Din-Rail Patch Panels - Cabinets