Our Vendors


SINCE 1984, ACKSYS COMMUNICATIONS & SYSTEMS HAS ACQUIRED A STRONG KNOW-HOW IN DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIAL DATA COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS. Its expertise and high-quality standards allow it to meet the most severe requirements in transportation (rail & road), industrial (SCADA, automation), military (marine, land, air), aeronautics, mining (underground and above ground), oil & gas, and environment. To meet the challenges of its customers, ACKSYS makes a strong argument for its availability and its reactivity. Its inbuilt engineering, technical, and commercial teams are able to meet accurately the expectations of its customers and assist them from the definition of their needs to the deployment. Thanks to a qualified and structured distribution network, ACKSYS is present on five continents.


Elproma was founded in 1992 by C&K Europe B.V. (The Netherlands) as a distribution company specializing in electronic components and gradually evolved into an R&D facility specializing in time & frequency. In early 2000, New Elproma Holding B.V. Group (The Netherlands) was created and successfully acquired Elproma Poland. Over the last 15 years, we have gained vast experience in manufacturing telemetric, wireless telecommunication, and IoT solutions, which has resulted in our rich portfolio of products. Our devices are of the highest quality and unparalleled solidity, performing in many different industries worldwide. They meet and exceed the expectations of even our most demanding clients.


CXR is a global provider of mission-critical Networking and Communications products for Telecom Operators and Service Providers, Energy, National Defense and Emergency Services, Transportation, and Smart Cities. With 50 years of experience in telecom technologies, CXR offers a wide range of innovative solutions adapted to the needs of these industrial markets.


ntech Instruments has been providing services and products to customers since 1986. We manufacture and supply industrial equipment for the monitoring and control of your processes. Intech has a dedicated team across our 2 offices who can provide you with insight, knowledge, and experience to help find solutions for the requirements of your job. Find easy and reliable solutions at Intech so you can focus on running your site! Our products are reliable, rugged, and last for years. Intech Instruments Ltd stands behind its products 100% because Intech products stand up to expectations.


RACOM was founded in 1989 and initially manufactured equipment for radio amateurs. Since 1991 we have specialized in the development and production of wireless data equipment. Today we are one of the market leaders in Radio modems, Cellular routers, and Microwave links. Our equipment is installed in more than 120 countries and is used e.g. in SCADA & Telemetry in Utilities and Oil & Gas sectors, in Internet provider networks, etc. The company is steadily growing, is still owned by the founders and employees and today has about 150 employees.


AKCP established in the USA in 1981 created the market for temperature, environmental and power monitoring in the data center. Today with over 150 employees and 200,000 installations, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions. Our R&D centers employ the best and brightest from top universities to develop new products and to improve current ones. AKCP research includes our test data center enabling AKCP to test its solutions in a live data center. AKCP designs, manufactures and tests everything that it sells, including a 2 day burn in. We have our own SMT production line and clean room and packaging equipment. This lowers costs and improves quality.


LAYER ELECTRONICS is an Italian leading company producing Industrial UPS, Frequency Converters, AVR (Stabilizers), Ferro Saturated Stabilizers, Electronic Line Conditioners, Solar and Wind Inverters, Wind Generators up to 20 kW, Charge Regulators, Power Supplies, Cathodic Protection Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters and anything else, which you may need. LAYER ELECTRONICS implements huge updates to its AC & DC UPS and inverters, increasingly focused on the industrial, Oil&Gas and utilities markets, with their very stringent specifications.


Changguang Communication Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to the development of optical communication technology and product development, production, sales, and service. Our main products are indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables, power cables, special cables, fiber optic submarine cables, and a variety of accessories. They are widely used in network communication construction, various industries, areas of national power, new energy generation, social security, transportation, oil, FTTH, sensor technology, etc.